Ages from birth to 6 are known as the most important time period for our children in terms of receiving necessary stimulations required for their development. These are the ages when the children construct themselves. Our school follows a program intending to jointly provide all stimulations and disciplines, in order to help holistic development of our children during this time period. However the time that children spent at home with their families have great importance on physical, mental and emotional development of our children at least as much as (even more than) the time they spent at their schools. In this respect, we give utmost importance to include our families to our training process and make them play an active role in development of our children.

Mutlu Panda Montessori Preschool organizes many different types of trainings and activities for parents. Various different programs such as different talks and seminars, Montessori at home trainings, effective parenting trainings, individual and group activities developed specific to families and care takers are being implemented.

We also give our parents a free membership to Kidokit Parenting App through which they can get professional support at home from a various child development experts and educators while raising their children.

You could find programs created by our Parent Academy for forthcoming periods in Our Event Schedule.


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