Experiencing and observation plays an important role in our training approach. Therefore not only via programs we are implementing in our school but also via various organized field trips and activities; we are enabling our children in preschool to familiarize with the world and the universe around them.
Our field trips and activities cover various different areas and we usually take our children to trips that are in line with the specific themes we cover in our programs.

In addition to our forest days and field trips, we also take our children to a museum each month in order for them to observe different forms of art and introduce them to different artists and their techniques. At the end of each museum trip, they choose a specific art piece and try to draw a picture of that piece in the presence of their art teacher. These drawings teach them to pay attention to different details in art.

Additionally by the help of talks and speeches that we are organizing at our school; our children find the chance to become acquainted with various musicians and musical instruments, professions as well as athletes and sport activities.

You can follow our upcoming scheduled field trips and activities via our activity calendar.