Our founders who have completed Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) and North American Montessori Center montessori training programs; have established our school with the mission of being one of the best preschool educational institutions in Turkey that apply Montessori philosophy in global standards.

Curriculum of our school is developed through consultancy of Mrs. Emel Wilbrandt Çakıroğlu who is the writer of “Art of Child Education by Maria Montessori Method” and “Montessori Approach in Preschool Education” books.

Our holistic training oriented curriculum is in Turkish and English languages; English lessons are given by experienced foreign teachers. Sports, art and music classes are given by professional teachers within the scope of tailor-made programs. (Sport classes are given at Clubsporium's gymnasium, outdoor swimming pool in the summertime and indoor swimming pool in the wintertime). Our full time teachers are Montessori trained-teachers who are also child development experts.

As a part of Montessori philosophy one of the principal targets of our teachers is observing our children and create educational plans intended for developmental features and needs customized to each children.

Mutlu Panda Preschool staff is aware that we need to cooperate with our families in order to support development of our children and have a positive effect upon their lives. Within this scope; our school pedagog regularly monitor development of our children and share opinions with the parents. We give utmost importance to parent and care-taker trainings. We organize different trainings and seminars in various areas such as specific subjects requested by our parents and training Montessori instructors.

Our Facility and Physical Conditions

Mutlu Panda Preschool has a two-story, wide, roomy and sunny building that is located at the campus of Akatlar Clubsporium Facility.

Every detail of our school's physical structure is designed by taking children into account. Our children could benefit from fresh air and light by means of large windows and our wooden building.

Size of the classrooms are designed in order to enable our children to move freely. Each classroom receives optimum level of sunlight.

Classrooms are arranged by taking Montessori's "prepared environment" concept into consideration.

Floor coverings of our school are made of anti-bacterial linoleum material which is dust-free and produced from flax seed substance.

Our school have a garden where slide, sandbox and various educational and instructive equipments are available and large balconies located at ground floor and top floor which are constantly being used during our training programs. At our garden, we have a cultivation area which is being used during our ecology lessons and a chicken coop where we raise chickens and thus our children have the chance to feed these chickens and gather their eggs.

There is a large tennis court / basketball court in front of our building that we share with Akatlar Clubsporium, which gives us the opportunity to play ball games and do all types of exercises.