member of    Montessori Europe

We are a Full-spectrum Montessori Preschool

  • With our experienced educational team, our philosophy, our prepared environment (both indoors and outdoors) and our individualized and holistic educational program, we are a real Montessori school. Our school is a member of Montessori Europe.

Our Montessori Method Based Education System

  • With its proven success Montessori method provides inspiration for a lot of intelligent and talented people; method enables the most suitable education and getting more experience by our “sponge minded” children in their most sensitive period; method is aiming to turn this sensitive period into an opportunity by deeply affecting physical, cognitive, sensorial and social development of our children.
  • Our teachers are observing and evaluating the sensitive periods of our children by considering the age group and personal development charts; and our teachers are providing specially developed games and study programs supporting sensorial, physical, cognitive and social skills, language and mathematical infrastructure as well as motor skills. The mixed ages give the young children the chance to take elderly children as their role models while the elderly children learn the notions of sharing, empathy and helping others while internalizing their experiences and know how when they start teaching to the young children.

Individualized (Customized) Educational Programs

  • Our educational programs are designed in line with the interest, sensitive periods, level of readiness and the need of repetition of each child. Such individualized program enables our children to complete every developmental stage within their pace, giving them a solid infrastructure and a strong base for self-confidence.

Our Multilingual Education System

  • Academiz studies are showing the huge benefits of learning a second language at early ages over mental development of our children.
  • At least two teachers are present in each classroom at all times in our school. We have two different class arrangements; where lessons are being given by either only foreign teachers or by full participation of one Turkish and one foreign (native speaker) teacher in order to enable our children to use both Turkish and English languages in their daily routine. Our children learn English during games and activities in their daily lives.
  • Learning a second language has enormous benefits during the first six years of age not only because of the effortless learning process but also because of its support to the cognitive development.

Our Holistic Education Approach

  • Gaining all experiences that answer the developmental requirements in different areas in the important period and having a development from all aspects by our children is our primary concern.
  • Our Montessori studies are focusing especially on fine motor skills, practical life skills, sensorial development, mental development; Playorena and gym hours are supporting physical development and gross motor skills and enriching social development. Different activities and studies such as painting, music, art, culinary workshops, drama and ecology classes provide enormous benefits in areas such as the discovery of different abilities, language development, supporting the creativity and imagination, enjoy reading, knowing their surroundings etc.

Our USA Licensed Unique Playorena Program

  • Kindergym and Playorena laid foundations of today's play and activity centers after being successfully implemented in more than 100 centers in USA after being developed by Susan Astor who is the writer of the book “Gymboree, Giving Your Child Physical, Mental, and Social Confidence Through Play” and her psychotherapist husband Michael Astor. In company with games designed in accordance with the ages and requirements of children; Kindergym and Playorena is a play and activity program which takes raising of happy and self-confident children as a principle, and supporting motor abilities, social and emotional development of children.

Our Assessment Meetings in Company With Our Expert Psychologist

  • Each child follows a different developmental path. Our psychologist guides you in terms of your child’s own development path and gives you suggestions to support his development at home.

Our Training and Education Programs Directed Towards Parents

  • Being a parent might be the greatest responsibility given to us. However; we need to accept the fact that so few of us are having the necessary practice and skills. As Mutlu Panda Team we are supporting our members regarding important and up-to-date issues, by means of workshops and seminers.